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Is chronic pain stopping you from moving the way you want to?

Are you constantly in a state of stress, feeling tired and run-down?

Feeling disconnected from your own body?

Well, it’s time to take charge of your own health and well-being.

This is Massage & Movement designed to help you deal with what life is throwing your way.

You deserve to feel happier, healthier, vibrant and more connected.



Hi, I'm Karina. Welcome to the on-line home of Unique Balance.

What am I all about? Massage and Movement with Heart. I want to help you take better care of yourself. I want to show you that self-care is not selfish or greedy, but an abundant necessity in our busy lives. Looking after yourself and helping you discover your inner magic is going to create new possibilities for you.

You are extraordinary !

You deserve to feel Awesome - Always !


Have you tried other therapies and massage to resolve an ongoing problem, only to find that the issue never gets resolved?

I will take the time to assess your concern and

look for the root cause of the issue.

Let me help you uncover unnecessary patterns and

habits that may be contributing to your issue.

Then, together we can devise a customised treatment plan to

get you ready for this wonderful thing called Living !

This will not be another standard massage !


Small group classes of between 4-6 people.

All levels are catered for.

Great for those with injuries or in rehabilitation,

or you may feel more comfortable in a small class setting.

Smaller classes allow Karina to give more personalised

instruction to help you get the most out of each session.

All levels are catered for and I will give you personalised instruction

to help you get the most out of each session.


Imagine always FEELING AWESOME with a regular monthly massage. How much better will you feel?

How much will that help your relationships...

with your spouse, family, work colleagues and friends?

The benefits of regular therapeutic massage are significant and you will benefit from improved well-being, better mobility & pain management, more restful sleep, less stress, less mental fog and more energy.


My passion has always been Aromatherapy and I only use and recommend Young Living. I have used their Essential OIls and products for over 15 years. Young Living fit my criteria for pure, genuine and unadulterated essential oils. Not only do these oils smell great, they are uplifting, purifying and have incredible healing abilities from a scientific point of view. 

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